1 or up to 12 machines in a cell. Supports different types of machines (e.g. Milling, EDM, Wire EDM, Laser, CMM and cleaning). Makes processes safer and has ID system for identification.

Intuitive and user friendly

Clear, graphical display of magazine content.

System 3R development

Supports System 3R Automation - WorkPal, WorkPartner 1+ and Transformer 6-axis robot

CellManager components

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Workflow: WorkCenter - Preparation

+ Generate jobs/work orders
+ Assign operations and NC programs
+ Request and transfer offset values
+ Approve and release jobs/work orders for production

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Workflow: CellManager -Execution

+ Manage pallet IDs and magazine positions
+ Generate priority lists
+ Automatically start released jobs/work orders based on the priority list.

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Workflow: CellStatistics

+ Check utilisation in period, time of day
+ View via various graphical representations
+ Export statistics into Excel.

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Option: CTM-CutterToolMonitoring

+ Cutters used for an operation are stored in the database
+ Cutters needed for each job are compared with the machine’s tool magazine
+ Jobs where the cutters are not available are blocked
+ Cutters can be assigned estimated lifetimes (if lifetime monitoring is activated on the machine)
+ Jobs that take cutters past their estimated lifetime are blocked.

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Option: AlarmServer (example)

+ Robot cell 1 stops due to air pressure failure
+ AlarmServer receives the alarm
+ Operator 1 receives an SMS message “Air...

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Option: AES – AutomaticElectrodeSelection

Selection is based on the electrode part number, the actual wear status of the present electrodes and how fresh the electrodes need to be for the erosion job...

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Option: CellMonitor

Separate software program for monitoring several cells - Cell status, Machine activity and Job status...

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Option: CellStatistics, Production group, Machine details, Order history and Current orders

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Option: MPS2WSM import and export

An interface for MPS/ERP systems. Imports complete production orders from the MPS system into WorkShopManager...

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Option: A manufacturing order is automatically generated

The next step is to link the physical objects with their manufacturing orders. Each object is mounted on a pallet with a code carrier that is recorded in the database.

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Option: CellManager executes the jobs as per the priority list

Full graphical overview of magazine content. Machine and job status...

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Option: Finished orders ar reported back to the production planning system

Article number, order number, machine ID, machine time, etc. are examples of production data that can be reported back...


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