Tooling for electrode manufacturing and EDM

Fitting the machines with the same reference system means that electrodes and workpieces can be moved between the machines without subsequent alignment and checking – One Minute Set-up.


Tooling for Wire EDM

Three steps to success – The route to rational production in Wire EDM machines can be summarised in three steps – Mounting, Reference system and Automation.


Tooling for parts production

Experience always shows that measures to reduce the idle times of your machines are significantly more worthwhile than chasing seconds in the actual machining process.

The solution is a stable and exact reference system. This lets you preset away from the machine and then set up the machine with minimum idle time. - Quickly and precisely!


Tooling for Powder Compacting Technology

Use System 3R tooling when producing punches and dies - Gives an increased productivity in the Tool shop by a reduction of the set-up times, improved accuracy and quality and reduced number of rejections.

Use System 3R tooling also in the powder compaction process - Reduces the set-up times in the press and gives an improved accuracy and quality and less repairs.


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